San Tan Valley

San Tan Valley, Arizona

The community of San Tan Valley, Arizona is kind of an anomaly. Despite a population approaching 100,000, it’s not currently an incorporated city or town.

We’re located roughly 50 US miles southeast of Phoenix and are technically considered to be a suburb of Phoenix, despite being separated by a lot of miles of open desert. One of the nicer details of our location is that you can still buy property at competitive rates (though like everywhere else, real estate prices are on the rise) and still be within driving distance of amenities.  It’s also far enough out from the Phoenix city hub that our air is cleaner.

Planned communities comprise much of San Tan Valley, which means we’re a very clean region. While you’ll occasionally see trash along the side of the road, it’s the exception rather than the rule. Move into residential areas and you’ll see small parks every couple of blocks or so, the streets are in good repair, and houses and yards are immaculate. While there are rentals here, most residents own their own homes.

Because of our location and the fact that San Tan Valley is filled with commuters, we’ve got an available workforce of people well qualified to fill whatever position we need. Given that the Phoenix metro area is tech central, we’ve got a deep pool of experts and working close to home is always an incentive.

All in all, San Tan Valley makes the perfect home base for Greenhouse Servers.