Our Vision

We believe that it is imperative to be environmentally responsible, to foster more efficient energy management, and to feed people. We believe that it is important to forge new ways to use existing technology, and to develop new technology, to make responsible changes to the way business is done. We intend to help feed people, to provide stable web hosting, and to manage the carbon footprint of our business by changing the way web hosting works.

We intend to do all of these things by using a common sense approach, employing the principles of recycling for everything it’s possible to recycle, from the heat exhaust of servers to bio-degradable items and all points between.

We believe that life itself deserves respect, and as an extension of that we will treat our employees and customers as valued persons rather than commodities, encouraging the free exchange of ideas without fear of reprisal. We will apply the principle of “good for everyone” to our personal interactions, actively seeking ways to make every scenario a win-win situation.

Greenhouse Servers Mission Statement

We will make the Internet a more responsible entity by redirecting server waste heat to food-producing greenhouses. We will offer competitive pricing to our customer base and treat our employees and customers with dignity and respect.