Greenhouse Servers Executives

L DoornboschLeiLani Doornbosch
Arizona, USA

  • LeiLani has more than twenty years of experience in business organization and management, and more recently 6 years in the tech industry. She’s played instrumental roles in several startup businesses, helping to nurse them from fledgling status to power players in the market.
  • LeiLani spent twenty years in on-air broadcasting, which gives her a unique perspective on both business building and marketing. She was on location and helped spearhead both KQSS FM and KRDE FM, each from from their first day on-air or before, and stepped in 2005 to help redirect KRIM FM.
  • In all broadcast locations, LeiLani was responsible for setup and management of IT, in addition to her on-air duties.
  • More recently, LeiLani spent six years with GoDaddy.com, working with server customers and troubleshooting technical issues. During that tenure she also helped to develop internal support documentation.
  • Beginning during her broadcast tenure and throughout her career, LeiLani has developed or helped to develop policies and training materials for various businesses, training management level personnel on business operations basics.
  • Current projects include a separate small-business building model, At Your Call Support, which provides support and mentoring to a number of local business owners. LeiLani’s expertise includes corporate formation, branding, sales strategies, SEO, and more.

Frank Bellavance
Quebec, CA

  • Frank is the brainchild behind the Greenhouse Servers technology. He was the first to envision the system that creates the first truly green Server environment, and the driving power and technical expertise who designed our heat-exchange process.
  • Frank spent ten years at CGI, managing internal support and working as a Unix admin. He earned two commendations during his tenure there.
  • Frank’s technical expertise includes database management, networking, application development support and optimization. He has worked with commercial Unix and Linux, working on AIX, HP UX, Solaris and multiple Linux distributions, among them Redhat, Debian and Ubuntu.
  • Among Frank’s other accomplishments are diagnostics and repairs, retrievals from failing hardware, security, and programming for obscure hardware. One of his more challenging projects was a specialty repair involving outdated computer hardware needed to run a modern industrial application.
  • Frank supervised construction of a data center while employed by Nordia.
  • In his leisure time, he continues to develop various types of automation software – when the weather doesn’t coax him outdoors. He’s also been, as he puts it, “playing with virtualization software since vmware 1.0.1, way back on my dual CPU Pentium 2”.