About Greenhouse Servers

Established in 2016, Greenhouse Servers was designed by and for people concerned about the environment, who nonetheless understand the need for powerful and reliable computing. The business platform for Greenhouse Servers is built on environmentally responsibility and web hosting functionality. We’re just wrapping up our Proof of Concept phase and have found a tentative greenhouse partner, who’s as excited as we are about the benefits of this revolutionary new approach.

Greenhouse Servers

LeiLani Doornbosch
Arizona, USA

  • LeiLani has over 20 years of experience in business management, and more recently 6 years in the tech industry. She’s played instrumental roles in several startup businesses, helping to nurse them from fledgling status to power players in the market..

Frank Bellavance
Quebec, CA

  • Frank is the brainchild behind the Greenhouse Servers technology. He was the first to envision the system that creates the first truly green Server environment, and the driving power and technical expertise who designed our heat-exchange process.