Welcome To The Future


Blended ImageWhat if you could do something concrete to save the planet? What if you could take a very non-green industry and make it both literally and figuratively green?

That’s what Greenhouse Servers is about. We’re taking an industry with a huge carbon footprint and turning it into the greenest green we can make it. We’re taking a waste product – excess heat from servers – and turning it into a valuable resource – heat that makes greenhouses viable year-around where that’s currently impossible. We’re big on recycling, and using renewable energies like hydroelectricity and solar energy.

Our beta server is now up and running. We’ve been putting out tech fires (typical for any new setup) and constructing some tutorials on use of the panel, FTP settings and other basic How-To details. It’s a slow process that requires hands-on work. You know what? We understand. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is Greenhouse Servers. It takes time to change the world.

Please check out the Notes from our CEO and COO (linked at right) to see the latest information on what we’re doing.